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Current Classes Offered

At this time all classes are being held virtually. Please continue to call our office to register.

Classes are offered on a rotating basis and registration or referral is required to attend. You may register for classes, however each class coordinator will follow up to confirm your eligibility and enrollment. Please contact our office at 336-748-9028 for more information.

  • Positive Effective Parenting
  • Parent Teen Solutions
  • Fathers are Parents Too
    • Forsyth County class
    • Guilford County class
  • Co-Parenting for Healthy Children

Co-Parenting for Healthy Children

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
9:00 am1:00 pm

“Co-Parenting for Healthy Children” is an evidenced based comprehensive course for parents to deal with the challenges of separation and re integration. Utilizing the "Two Families Now" curriculum, this course addresses how children coping with separation are more likely to have high levels of mental and physical health issues and parents are more likely to engage in harsher forms of discipline.

The course provides parents with knowledge and awareness about factors affecting children during the separation transition. Objectives for the course include reducing stress, building a support network, reducing co-parenting strategies, strengthening the parent-child relationship and enhancing parenting skill to lessen the impact of separation on the children.

Topics Include:
Making a Plan for Shared Parenting
Reducing Co-Parent Conflict
Parenting Skills to Reduce Risk
Handling Stress and Building a Support Network

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