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Parent Support

Co-Parenting for Healthy Children

Co-Parenting for Healthy Children is an evidenced base comprehensive course for parents to deal with the challenges of separation. The course is designed to strengthen the parent-child relationship, enhance parenting skills to create healthy children, and provide parents with knowledge and awareness about factors affecting children during the separation transition. Objectives for the course include making a plan for shared parenting, reducing co-parent conflict, parenting skills to reduce stress, handling stress and building a support network.

Fee for class. Registration required.

Fathers are Parents too!

Fathers and father figures learn basic parenting skills, what it means to be a father, how to develop healthy relationships, how to improve physical and mental health. Referrals and case management will also be provided.

Free. Classes held in Forsyth and Guilford counties. Dinner and limited transportation provided.

Parent Aide

Parent Aide provides home-based intervention for at-risk families while focusing on effective skills for healthy parenting. Our expertly trained Parent Aides strengthen the family unit, encouraging problem solving, bonding, and skill building within the family.

Treatment may last up to 12 months with case management. Available in Forsyth, Stokes and Surry counties.

Peaceful Alternatives to Tough Situations

PATTS  is a nine-week evidence based, aggression management program designed to help students increase positive conflict resolution skills, increase the ability to forgive transgressions and reduce aggressive behaviors. Available to 3rd - 5th graders and 6th - 7th grades and their parents. PATTS will teach cognitive skills, peer refusal skills, appropriate conflict resolution skills, identification and verbalization of emotions or anger cues, calming techniques and forgiveness.

Parents will receive information about the skills taught to students, encouraging them to support the use of the skills at home.

Free. Meals provided, childcare and limited transportation available.

Positive Effective Parenting

PEP is a 12-week class designed for parents and caregivers designed to promote empathy, discipline with dignity, self-worth and empowerment. Topics include Ages and Stages of Growth, Alternatives to Spanking, Developing Family Values/Rules and Positive ways to deal with stress.

Free. Referrals by court order, professionals, or families. Childcare available.

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