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Parent/Teen Solutions

Parent/Teen Solutions (PTS)

PTS is a program designed to improve parent and teen relationships by opening lines of communication for families with children between the ages of 12 to 18. Using an evidence based group curriculum, participants learn about healthy communication, anger management, relationships and other topics relevant to teens. This program includes in-home visitation (7-18 years) and group session (12-18 years) to discuss subjects related to parent/teen relationships.

Free. Meals provided, transportation and childcare available.

Program Objective: 

Facilitators’ use a competency-based family parenting program designed to empower families with new knowledge and skills that can be implemented in the home. Objectives include:

  • Enabling parents to replace negative parenting patterns with appropriate nurturing patterns
  • Assisting families with understanding the factors which facilitate or hinder positive parent-child interactions
  • Assisting families with building effective engagement strategies to strengthen their family unit

Parents practice parenting skills that use positive communication and strategies to help teenagers learn independence and take responsibility for their behaviors and outcomes through use of problem solving techniques.

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