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Respite Care Program

Respite Care Service provides a temporary safe-haven for children, offers short-term relief for parents and/or caregivers, and enables the family to address their own and other family member’s health, social, and emotional needs. Respite can be planned or offered during times of emergencies or crisis. Parents or agencies that reside in Forsyth County can call 24 hours/7 days a week for services. Respite Care Service collaborates with local child care agencies and family daycare homes, to minimize the risk of abuse and neglect.

Respite Care is free and limited transportation is available.



     • Reduce risk of maltreatment and risk of an out-of-home placement

  .  • Achieve statistically significant reductions in reported stress levels of caregivers

     • Improve caregivers’ positive attitude toward their children

     • Improve family functioning and family stability

     • Improve relationships between parents and children

     • Helps prevent child abuse or neglect


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