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What We Do

Family Centered TreatmentĀ®

Introducing a new option of evidence-based trauma treatment for families in acute crisis

Family Centered Treatment (FCT) is a comprehensive, evidence-based model of intensive in-home treatment that was developed by practitioners for children, adolescents, and their families in crisis.

Founded on the belief that families have the capacity to function well in the face of significant challenges, our service providers help families develop strategies for positive and long lasting changes.

This proven, individualized interventionĀ focuses on the underlying systemic issues and behavioral patterns of the entire family.


  • Promotes strength-based approaches
  • Preserves the dignity of families within their own culture and community
  • Provides a voice for each individual family member
  • Addresses the function of the behaviors rather than the symptoms
  • Employs extensively trained, professional staff that offer 24/7 access
  • Services are delivered with a minimum of 2 sessions per week for 6 months

Expected Outcomes:

  • Decrease in trauma symptoms
  • Improved family functioning, including in the home, school, and community
  • Increased utilization of coping and social skills
  • Decreased crisis episodes
  • Lowered rates of out-of-home placements

FCT eligible families may:

  • Have a child with a DSM-5 diagnosis and/or
  • Experience difficulties associated with trauma (from child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, sexual abuse, substance abuse) and/or
  • Be involved with juvenile delinquency systems and
  • Have children ages 0-17


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