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Stokes County

Strengthening Families. Supporting Stokes County.

Services offered include:

Family Support (expanded Parent Support program)

Home-based intervention program for families designed to strengthen the family unit, encourage problem solving, and develop effective skills for healthy parenting. Services are one hour a week and may last up to six months with case management. Free.

Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS)

IFPS is an evidenced based intensive home visitation service for families to prevent out of home placement of children and assist with the stabilization of families in crisis. Services are concentrated in a period of 28 days at 10 hours a week, for a total of 40 hours of direct service. The IFPS Specialist is accessible to families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the duration of services. Free.

Parent/Teen Solutions (PTS)

In-home based service program serving ages 7-18. Designed to maintain youth in the home environment while reducing recidivism, improving parent-child relationships, school motivation, problem-solving skills, and parenting skills. This is a five month, three hours per week program. Free.

Positive Effective Parenting (PEP)

PEP is a 12-week class designed for parents and caregivers to promote discipline with dignity, empathy, empowerment, and self-worth. Topics include Ages and Stages of Growth, Alternatives to Spanking, Developing Family Values/Rules and Positive ways to deal with stress. Free. Virtual.

Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchange

Supervised visits and monitored exchanges are designed to ensure that children may have safe contact or transfer with a non-custodial parent without conflict. Parents may be in the midst of divorce, or impacted by SOB protection plans. Fee for service.



For class offerings, schedules, and more information, please call 336-748-9028.

Events and Fundraising

If you would like to host an event or fundraiser for the Stokes County Office, please call 336-748-9028.

Our office location

Stokes County Office
3169 NC-8
Walnut Cove, NC 27052
Phone 336-757-2321