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What We Do

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Helping children and families heal after trauma

Our approach recognizes the impact of trauma on a child’s mental, behavioral, emotional, and physical well-being. Healing and prevention techniques assist in helping your child process emotions and memories connected to their traumatic experiences, address problematic behaviors, and create a healthier way to cope. Therapy is provided in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment for children to speak about their trauma.

Sessions can include:

  • Development of a safety plan
  • A written assessment, including treatment recommendations, with the appropriate consent
  • Individual meetings with the child and their support system as indicated
  • Discussion about how your child's developmental process may be effected by trauma symptoms such as:
    • Isolation
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Change in mood and irritability
    • Inability to trust others
    • Desire to hurt self or others
    • Substance use

Referrals to Clinical Services may be made for an assessment only or for assessment leading to services.


For information regarding fees for this service, please contact us.

To make a referral click here or call (336) 748-9028 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Trauma-Focused Therapy?

Trauma treatment focuses on processing the events that led to the referral for service.

2. What type of trauma qualifies for our therapeutic services?

The Parenting PATH is focused on working with children and adolescents that have experienced or witnessed major traumatic events. These events include experiencing or witnessing intimate partner violence/family violence, sexual abuse or assault, and crimes.

3. What are examples of trauma that you do not provide services for?

The Parenting PATH does not focus on developmental trauma, such as parent(s) not being involved in the child’s life, grief from losing a family member (without direct trauma of the loss), parents' separation and adjustment to new dynamics, etc. Please contact The Parenting PATH for additional questions.

4. Is there a fee for Trauma-Focused Therapy services?

The Parenting PATH does charge for some of its services. This information is discussed with the family at the initial contact and agreed upon when services are accepted.

5. What type of treatment services do you offer?

We offer individual, group, and family counseling sessions. Each client is paired with the services that best fit their needs.

6. Are sessions held virtually?

Most sessions are held in-person. Some sessions may be held virtually if there is a safety concern.

7. My child is in the hospital for suicidal thoughts/behaviors. Is Trauma-Focused Therapy an appropriate treatment option?

The Parenting PATH focuses services on children and adolescents that have reached a safe level of stability.

8. My child is having behavior issues, is not listening at home or school, and acts up often, but does not have a trauma history. Is my child be a good fit for this program?

Trauma-Focused Therapy is only for children who have a trauma history. However, other programs within The Parenting PATH may be able to assist with the behaviors. Please contact the office for more information.

9. Do you provide Trauma-Focused Therapy in other languages?

The Parenting PATH has several bilingual staff and therapy can be provided in Spanish by a culturally responsive therapist.