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Community Heroes

Community Heroes

2018 Community Hero Rick Pfefferkorn

2018 Community Hero - Rick Pfefferkorn

"For your dedication to the prevention of child abuse."

Exchange SCAN honored Rick Pfefferkorn with the 2018 Community Hero Award at the annual Pinhweel Gala on April 13, 2018. Board Chair Jessica Spencer provided the opening remarks in announcing this award.

Thank you Rick Pfefferkorn for all you have done for Parenting PATH (formerly Exchange/SCAN) over the years!

In 1986, Rick joined the Exchange Club of Greater Winston-Salem. At the time SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) was the project of the local club. The club provided board members for SCAN and raised money through several annual fundraisers including Peanut Sales at the Dixie Classic Fair and April Pancake Jamboree, and participating in the annual SCAN Benefit Dinner and Automobile Reverse Raffle.

SCAN was barely 6 years old and a group of visionary club members decided that SCAN needed better facilities. For some reason, as Rick says, "They asked me to join their efforts and eventually asked me to be chairman of their $300,000 capital funds campaign." He claims that none of them had any experience in this type of effort, yet they plowed ahead for the next two years. By 1990 the building was completed on Northwest Boulevard and he found himself President of the Exchange Club and Chairman of the SCAN board.

As Rick credits, thus began his long association with SCAN. To this day, Rick is a one man peanut-selling-machine.

Rick and his future wife Lisa met in December 1985, and after trying to set him up with her best friend they eventually wed. Rick credits Lisa as the one "directly responsible for me forming RGP Inc in 1988", a residential construction lending and mortgage business that he currently owns and operates.

Rick works tirelessly every year coordinating Exchange Club Peanut Sales. Rick has been a faithful supporter of our agency for many years.

The Parenting PATH (formerly Exchange/SCAN) is forever indebted to the vision, dedication and support of Rick Pfefferkorn. Thank you will never be enough.